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  The south/east coast of the Yucatan is blessed with warm, clear waters; coral reefs; and great scuba diving.  We were able to dive with the dive operators at the resort, where we made a couple interesting short dives.

   These photos were taken at a dive location that the dive guys called "Avenida de Algo"  (in other words ...  Avenue of Something).

Scrawled cowfish Moray eel
Scrawled Cowfish Moray Eel
Queen Angelfish Shy Hamlet
Queen Angelfish Shy Hamlet
Nudibranch on Sea Fan Squirrelfish
Nudibranch on Sea Fan Longspine Squirrelfish


   We had intended to do some diving from Cozumel.  We never got around to it, exactly ...   but we did take the ferry from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel.   Playa is a pretty large "city" - mostly working people live there.  There are some tourist areas near the ferry dock, but mostly it's just a working town.  I always liked Cozumel.  It's charming and quaint and there are a million shops and restaurants.   The ferry has gotten quite expensive, and it's kind of a nuisance ...  but it was still a fun thing to do.

Aerial photo of Playa Aerial photo of Cozumel
Aerial photo of the ferry dock, leaving Playa del Carmen
(Google Earth)
Aerial photo of the ferry dock in Cozumel
  (Google Earth)
Cozumel seawall
Cozumel seawall at sunset


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