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Templo de Los Guerreros  (Temple of the Warriors)

  The Temple of the Warriors and its adjacent Temple of the Jaguar are considered by some as the most awe inspiring ruins on the complex. A massive temple structure, surrounded by hundreds of columns (some call it the Temple of 10,000 Columns) is carved with reliefs.  The main temple entrance is flanked by two massive serpent columns, heads on the ground, tails, originally carrying the lintel, pointing to the sky.  The columns continue on into the jungle, that part of the temple still has not been restored.  It's unsettling to see how easily the forest has reclaimed the area.

Temple of the Warriors
Temple of the Warriors
Temple of the Warriors
The columns go on forever ...
Warrior temple El Castillo
Warrior temple, seen from El Castillo El Castillo, seen from the Warrior Temple
Warrior temple Columns
The front of the temple Carved columns at the temple
Temple side Temple crown
Layered side of the temple.  It is extensively carved.   Click on the photo to see details of the carvings. The "crown" of the temple.  Notice the Chaac carvings (the Mayan rain god) with his hooked nose on the corner.  There is also a carving of a Mayan king - click on the photo to see the details of the carving.
Chris Columns
  The columns, which are believed to have supported a roof of some kind, extend forever ...

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