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   The Yucatan peninsula is riddled with Cenotes.    A cenote is a fully or partially collapsed cave with soluble bedrock layers such as limestone – in other words, a sinkhole that has an underground cave accompanying it.  Mature cenotes often resemble small, circular lakes or lagoons with sheer drops at the edges.  Some are visible from the air, but many are just tiny little openings – but sometimes with extensive subterranean cave networks.   The cenotes provide access to extensive underwater cave systems; the two longest in the world are located in the Yucatan near Playa del Carmen.   Caves such as Dos Ojos Cavern have attracted cave divers and there are organized efforts to explore and map the underwater systems.
   It doesn’t matter how many previous dives you’ve made – cave diving in a Cenote is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.  It’s unlike anything you could have imagined.


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Sign Tractor
Hidden Worlds Cenotes Our transportation

   The cenotes are tucked away in a fairly dense jungle.  A “tractor” takes you along “roads” (haha!) to the entrance of the cenote.   You stand in a hay wagon behind the tractor and hang on for dear life.  The gear is hauled down to a platform at the bottom of a big surface “cave” opening, you don your gear and the dive begins. 

Tractor Jungle path
Our carriage awaits! The route to the cenotes
Cenote Ladder
Looking into the Cenote The entrance


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