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Cave Ladder
Inside the cenote Looking out of the cenote
Divers Cave
Starting the dive Starting to go under

   Itís difficult to explain what you see on the dive.   First, letís talk about what you donít see Ė daylight or creatures.  You only see daylight when you first enter the cave, and you see a couple rare (tiny) shafts of sunlight once or twice in your hour-long dive.  Other than that, you are relying exclusively on your dive light (flashlight).   You also donít see any critters Ė they donít live in the dark in the underwater caves.   But what you do see is spectacular!   Picture the most elaborately detailed caves, with stalagmites and stalactites varying from several feet in diameter to spaghetti sized.  Extend these caves for miles and miles.   Vary the diameter of the cave passage from about 4 feet to 50 feet.   Make the formations and the rocks in various shades of colors.   And now Ė fill it all with crystal clear water so that you have to swim through it to see it all.  

   Photography is not allowed inside the cenote.  Here are some photos I took off of the Hidden Worlds website. Remember - all of these photos were taken underwater.  This cenote is completely submerged.

Cenote Cenote
Cave Cenote
Underwater, inside the cenote

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