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Cenote Entrance
Looking into the Cenote Looking out of the Cenote
The Cenote

   There are several divable caves at Hidden Worlds.   Cave diving is a spectacularly risky sport, but Hidden Worlds has done a great job with their various safety precautions.   In order to dive in their pride and joy, Dreamgate , you must do a qualification dive in either the Bat Cave or Dos Ojos.  I suspect that this is so they can double their revenue (i.e., you have to pay for at least two dives in order to dive the Dreamgate cenote!), but either way it meant that we made two dives.  I had some trepidation about whether I would have a full-scale claustrophobic panic attack, but I did just fine. 

Chris Trail

   I couldn't dive as many times as the other divers because I have ear trouble.  I sat out one of the dives and hiked around the jungle to the alternate cenote entrance - which was a little scarier than the primary entrance.

Ladder Cave
The alternate entrance (emergency exit?) Inside the cenote

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