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.   Valley of the Gods is a smaller scale (and also free) version of Monument Valley, with huge isolated red sandstone rocks standing above the level valley floor, remnants of some ancient landscape. The area has a 17 mile very bumpy and steep dirt road (FR 242) that winds amongst the formations.

.   It was hot and very dusty, but that didn't stop us from getting out and hiking for a couple hours looking for turquoise treasures in Lime Creek (a dry wash that sometimes swells when it rains).   We didn't find anything ...  but we had a blast looking.

.   The map you see below was the "official" park map - a typed piece of paper stapled to a wooden sign at the east entrance.   Needless to say, this is not a heavily travelled site!

Valley of the Gods map

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Photo artwork Park Map
Click on this - it isn't just a photograph! Park Map
Scenic Panorama
Unbelievable terrain
Seven Sailors Mesas and Buttes
Seven Sailors
Seven Sailors
Setting Hen Butte Setting Hen Butte
Setting Hen Butte
Rock Setting Hen Butte
An interesting rock (not Setting Hen!) Setting Hen Butte
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