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.   Leaving Arches, we took a leisurely drive to the ferry that would take us to Lake Powell.

.  It's only a couple hundred miles - maybe less - but you know me when I get a camera in my hands ...  It took us all day.

.  The smartest thing we did in Moab was stock up on groceries and snacks.  Little did we realize that there is no place, and I really mean no place, to eat or buy supplies near the lake except for the two marinas - which are 100 miles apart!

Driving to Lake Powell
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Wilson Arch Fall colors
Right outside Moab along the highway - another arch - the Wilson Arch!  
Fall colors Fall colors
Fall colors along the way
Lake Desert in bloom
Along the highway The desert in bloom
Rocky pass Rocky scenery
Crossing through a pass The other side
Rocky scenery
Scenic vista from the Hatari seat
Indian Ruins Indian Ruins
As time got a little tight, we swore we absolutely were not stopping for anything.  Right after that we spotted indian ruins under a cliff about a quarter mile off of the road.  Needless to say - we stopped!
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