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.   Our next few days were basically unscheduled.  We planned to drive "the scenic route" from Natural Bridges to Kayenta, AZ.   Then we would visit Monument Valley and anything else that struck our fancy.

.  Coming out of Utah, we saw a turnoff onto Scenic UT 261.  The road is somewhat unremarkable until you reach the top of Cedar Mesa.   There a sign warns you of an 1100 foot drop in 3 miles.  The numbers don't mean much - until you're on this incredibly narrow, twisting, steep gravel road with right switchbacks and a breathtaking view of the valley below.

.  The first time through Moki Dugway was at sunset, enroute to Kayenta.   I was standing out the Hatari seat (moon roof) taking photos the whole way down.   It was so spectacular that we decided to come back the next day to see (and photograph) it better.

Valley of the Gods Lake Powell Natural Bridges Moki Dugway Mexican Hat Route 163 UT Route 261 Map

.   Did I mention that we also went to Monument Valley, and Valley of the Gods on the same day??  Talk about tired puppies ...

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.  The Moki Dugway gets its name from the carved hand- and foot-holds on cliff faces throughout the region created by the ancient Native Americans.

.  By the way, there are apparently more than one spelling of Moki / Mokee.

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.   Moki Dugway from USGS

Road Sign

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Cedar Mesa Valley
Bowl-shaped cliff Valley below
Ship Rock Mesa
I call this ship rock because it looks like the profile of the ship marker piece in Monopoly Mesa
Valley vista
View of the Valley below
. .

.   The following day we drove back to enjoy the view in the daylight.  We started at the bottom (having just come from Valley of the Gods), drove to the top, enjoyed the lookout (one of us took a nap!) and drove back down.

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Road Sign
Signs at the bottom Gravel Road
Top of the mesa Dusty car
From the top of the mesa Just a little dusty!
Scenic Vista
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