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.   Lake Powell is part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area - in fact, it's most of the Glen Canyon NRA!
.  The lake is about 100 feet below "full pool" right now, exposing spectacular, winding canyons (with trees in the waterways!).

.  The canyons wind for miles through seemingly unpassable, narrow passageways.  There are hundreds of miles of canyons to explore.  Some of the lake is not currently navigable due to the water levels.

.  The adventure is better in a rented boat - you aren't so worried about chewing up the propellers with trees or rocks!

.   LINKS: 

.   Things to do at Lake Powell

.   National Park Service official Glen Canyon National Recreation Area website

Lake Powell Map
. .
Early the first morning
Lodge Low water
Look how low the water is by the hotel!
Marina Lake Powell
Bullfrog Marina Beginning our adventure
Lake Powell Lake Powell
Blue Heron Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron
Blue Heron Blue Heron
Sunning himself
Trees Wake
Treacherous passage Headed back
Coots Coots
Coots These little guys walk on water to get launched - especially useful if a boat is chasing you!
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