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Now we were off to begin our driving adventure across Colorado into Utah.  


The trees had started to turn colors, especially the aspens and cottonwoods.  Since this is something we don't see much in Texas, I felt compelled to take pictures of all the colored trees.

.   It was also interesting to see the wide variety of terrain and foliage along the route - dense pine forests and snow at one extreme, and barren, rocky, dry, dusty desert scrub by the time we reached Utah.

Colorado to Moab map

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Lake Lake
Our first stop was Georgetown, CO.   Georgetown is quaint and scenic, and there is a spot along the highway where Bighorn Sheep can sometimes be seen on the side of the mountain.
Sheep Chris
Bighorn sheep very, very far away Chris posing with "Custer", at the Visitor's Center
Lone Tree Mountains and trees
The start of Autumn in the mountains
Mountains and trees Mountains and Trees
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