Barb & Chris' First Semiannual Excellent Adventure

April 30 - May 2, 2001

Barb and I flew separately to Vegas and met in the airport.  I hadn't seen Barb in about 18 months.  I had forgotten just how gorgeous my sister is!   You can see for yourself in the photos below.   Barb had booked us a great room at the Aladdin Hotel, which nearly turned into an interesting adventure when the guys next to us spent 10 minutes trying (and trying, and trying) to open our door with their key. 

We hit most of the casinos on the strip - played the tables ( a little) and played all the slot machines.  Barb was HOT, HOT, HOT - especially on Wednesday.   Every time she put money into a slot machine she got a 100 - 300 coin payback!   Talk about the Midas touch!  Our favorite themed-casino was New York, New York, which has a street of New York shops, a tiny "Central Park", and lots of atmosphere.   Bellagio has a fabulous flower garden (our pictures below were taken there), and The Venetian has an incredible lobby that just drips with elegance and decadence (the canal and boats outside add to the ambiance, too).  Caesar's Palace seems to be the classiest joint on the strip, and the mall there is truly wonderful, too.  

We spent a little time just lounging by the pool, too - which was great, and I'm sure it was a welcome respite for Barb from the nasty Chicago winter weather (yes, I know that's redundant!)   Dinner at Commander's Palace was stunning - we both agreed it was the best meal either of us had eaten in months and months (Mom's cooking excluded, of course).  

The trip was too short - but we both vowed it was the first of many to come!

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Paris / Aladdin Hotels & Casinos aladdin173.jpg (16955 bytes)
Paris / Aladdin Hotels & Casinos
Aladdin (Our hotel)
Strip at night The Strip at night

The Strip at night
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The Strip at night
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New York, New York New York, New York

New York, New York

New York, New York
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excal191.jpg (13050 bytes) Daytime on the Strip

The Excalibur

Daytime shot of the strip
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Barb & Chris in the garden at Bellagio