SouthWest Asia

March 2001

Traveling to the Middle East was quite an adventure!  I visited Kuwait and Jordan on a whirlwind tour that wasn't nearly long enough. 

Most of the time I was in Kuwait, my luggage was in Geneva (note that I never went to or through Geneva).   This was an amazing exercise in frustration.  It showed up six hours before I left - just in time for me to haul it around.  Fortunately I ended up with a lovely wardrobe from the Camp Doha PX!

As a woman travelling alone, I noticed that women are treated basically like children.  I couldn't tell if people assumed I was incompetent, or if they were trying to be nice.  It was OK for a short period of time - if I lived there I would get frustrated quickly.

Click on the flags below to see the details of each portion of my trip.

Map of SouthWest Asia (9092 bytes)

Kuwait Flag

The State of Kuwait

Jordanian Flag

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Click here if you're curious about the significance of the colors in the flags or the 7-point star.

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