April 2002.  Las Vegas.  Thelma and Louise are loose again on the Vegas Strip.  New York! New York! will never be the same.  
                              . Vegas Strip during the day
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Barb enjoying awesome Coconut Shrimp
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Chris in front of Paris

We won lots and lots of money in Vegas!  (oh yeh, right).  Seriously, one day we managed to gamble for nearly two hours with one 25 cent investment!

We tried the tourist trolley.  What a mess!  After over an hour and less than two miles transited, we got off and walked.  The trolley never caught up with us.  Next time - TAKE A CAB!!

I got my belly button pierced (the tattoo parlor guy liked my legs!), and we ate like little piggies (OK, like BIG piggies).  We worked out at the gym, sunned at the pool, and just generally had a great time!  

One of the days we went on a sightseeing expedition that encompassed Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, a long (sickening) trip into the canyon and to the Colorado River, to the Joshua Tree Forest, and then back.  We even got to see the place where Thelma and Louise are alleged to have driven off the cliff in the movie.



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