The Quarter is full of performance art.  Everywhere you see kids with a cardboard tip box tap dancing, people posing as statues, musicians, painters ...  

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Volks Art Little Rascals band on Bourbon Street

Jackson Square is especially full of artists, palm-readers, tarot-card readers and street musicians.  It's a great place to sit and watch people.  In honor of Mom's birthday, we had a caricature of Mom's Favorite done by one of the local artists.

I swear the artist's name must be, well, you know the name.  I've known three of them, and every single one was a dingbat.  She made the goofiest faces, and seemed to be directing a non-existent orchestra with her free hand, whilst the other hand sketched.

Jackson Square Caricature!
We had a caricature drawn as a birthday card for Mom
Iron balconies and plants in the Quarter Iron balconies and plants in the Quarter
Typical street in the Quarter

Then there is the famous (infamous) Bourbon Street.  Just a seedy little strip less than a mile long, but crowded with shops, bars, clubs, and various other places of entertainment.  Here a person can get an opportunity to earn beads ...

Bourbon Street Bourbon Street
Bourbon Street Bourbon Street
Bourbon Street view, with people visible on balconies above Party on the balcony
Bourbon Street at dusk Canal Street at night
Canal Street
And what trip to New Orleans would be complete without a trip to the casino?   We hit a 500 coin jackpot on the slots at Harrah's, and were smart enough to pack it up and leave - leaving the casino about $16 ahead - just enough for etouffee and gumbo for lunch!


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