N'awlins 2001  

Barb and Chris' Second Semi-Annual Excellent Adventure
Right before Thanksgiving 2001, Barb and I flew off to meet in New Orleans for our Second Semi-Annual Excellent Adventure.  We met on Saturday a.m., and rushed right to our hotel to get ready for a weekend of fun, fun, fun!  We both agree that Le Meridien's Canal Street location is perfect - close enough to the French Quarter and the casinos to be convenient, right on the Streetcar line, and yet far enough out of the Quarter to be quiet at night!

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Le Meridien entry hall Le Meridien entry hall

Immediately after our arrival (after a lengthy get-acquainted talk from our Bellman, Tim), Barb tried to be helpful and find an outlet behind the bed to plug my laptop into.   Barb obviously doesn't get out much - she didn't realize that hotels don't have freestanding beds with snazzy headboards.  In her zest to move the bed away from the wall, she rrrrrrripped the headboard off the wall.   We both laughed ourselves to tears.  

Of course, I went to the manager the next day and complained that I could have been seriously hurt when the headboard fell off the wall (implying that it fell off in the middle of the night while I was lying in the bed).  Barb couldn't keep a straight face long enough to go to the Reception desk with me.  I had to explain to them that "my sister is lurking around here someplace giggling - she thought it was hilarious because of course it wasn't her bed".   Never mentioned the fact that we were just a little complicit in the accident ...

But we got two free buffet breakfasts out of the deal and didn't have to pay for Barb's rampage on the headboard!

Head Board Rrrrripped off the wall Close-up of the Destruction
The gorgeous mid-seventy degree weather prompted us to wander through the Quarter, with of course a stop at Cafe Du Monde for beignets, cafe au lait, and hot chocolate.    The people-watching is great there, and a very talented balloon-tying clown entertained us while we ate.   The huge piles of powdered sugar on the beignets are just impossible to control - on at least one of our Cafe Du Monde stops I got covered in it!  A stop at Aunt Sally's (next door), where we sampled (and sampled, and sampled) all of the various types of pralines, and then we were set to wander through the French Market and Flea Market.
Cafe Du Monde View across Decatur from Cafe Du Monde
Who was that masked stranger?? Sure glad these didn't pop in the room in the middle of the night ...

 You just can't take yourself seriously in N'awlins.  

So, of course, we walked through the French Market and the Quarter like this on Saturday afternoon.  You wouldn't believe how many people stopped to take our picture - and wanted to be in the photo with us!

The most amazing experience with the masks was in the convenience store.  We put our cokes and what-not on the counter (in the south, it's always called "cokes" no matter what kind of soda it is), still wearing our masks - and the clerk asked if we were together !  I told him that "no, actually, I met this woman on the street wearing a mask just like mine and we thought it would be fun to walk around together like this".  I think he believed me!  It's hard to figure out how they get these guys away from the Jet Propulsion Lab.

Sunday saw a more refined, dignified type of attire, courtesy of a balloon-tying clown on Bourbon Street.   He wanted to know how we had garnered so many beads!


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