Merida, known as the White City, was the first stop on the trip, and a non-stop flight from Dallas.  Merida is the capitol of the state of Yucatan, located in the northeast of the Yucatan peninsula.  Founded by the Spanish in 1542 over the ruins of the Mayan city T'ho, Merida is an old colonial city, loaded with superb colonial monuments and splendid turn to the XIX century architecture  People stroll the parks and the main square at night, and there is music on weekend evenings.  Unfortunately, my photos don't do it justice. 

   I stayed at the Hotel Casa del Balam in the historic centro of Merida.   It prides itself on being one of the few original Mexican Art Deco houses in existence (being a converted former residence).   It was a great central location for seeing the interesting sights.

Hotel Hotel Courtyard
Hotel Hotel courtyard
Hotel Hotel room
Hotel lobby My room
Plaza Grande Street and small plaza
Plaza Grande Calle 60, from Santa Lucia Park
Cathedral Street art
The Cathedral of San Ildefonso was founded with the huge stones dismantled from the pyramids.  It is one of the oldest on the American continent (1556-1599) Reflections in street art
Quiet street Busy street
Calle 60 (I think)
 the street the hotel was on
Busy city shopping street


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