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*  The Piazza San Marco is called "The drawing room of Europe". It is one of the few great urban spaces in a Europe where human voices prevail over the sounds of motorized traffic, which is confined to Venice's waterways. It is the only urban space called a piazza in Venice; the others, regardless of size, are called campi. The Piazza has always been seen as the centre of Venice.

* The Piazza originated in the 9th century as a small area in front of the original St Mark's Basilica. It was enlarged to its present size and shape in 1177.

San Marcos
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San Marcos San Marcos
Piazza San Marcos, with Doge Palace on the right x
Side view Church front
Side view of the Basilica Front view of the Basilica
Bell tower Side view
Campanile (bell tower) Side view
Front Lion
Above one of the entrances Classic lion of Venice
Mosaic Mosaic detail
Intricate mosaic
(linked image is 500KB)
Detail of mosaic at left
Mosaic detail Mosaic
Detail of mosaic at right Intricate mosaic
(linked image is 400KB)
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