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*  The first thing one does is get familiar with the canals and the water transportation.  Everything in Venice moves by boat - the firemen, the telephone company, the movers, the garbage ...   Sometimes the canals, especially the smaller ones, are quite congested.  There are two ways to get around - by water, or by foot (mostly by foot).  If  you're on foot, you have to plan your (winding) route carefully because there aren't very many bridges.  I suppose this is one of the reasons nothing moves very fast in Venice - nothing can.
. .
Moving van Moving van
Crowded canal Canal
Bridge Bridge
x x
. .

* Some of the canals are quite narrow, and in some cases the water comes right up to the doors.

. . .
Canal Canal Canal
x x x
. . .
* There are three kinds of water transportation:  the vaporetto (water bus), traghetto - a multiple person gondola that crosses canals where there are no bridges (about 0.5 Euro per person), and of course, the ubiquitous gondola.

* Strangely enough, the multiple-day vaporetto ticket also gives you access to the public bathrooms.  OK, I digress, but we were shocked at how incredibly clean the public bathrooms were.  Of course, if you don't have a vaporetto pass, it's 2 Euro to use the bathroom, so they should be clean!

Traghetto sign
. .
Traghetto Traghetto
Collecting fares Traghetto
Traghetto Gondola
Traghetto Working boat
Gondola Gondola
Gondola Odd juxtaposition
Gondolas Gondolas
Gondolas Gondolas
Gondolas Gondolas
Canal at night Canal at night
Canals at night
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