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*  A short walk from our apartment was a lovely plaza with an open air market, shops and restaurants.  After we discovered Campo Santa Margerita we kept returning to eat open air dinners there.  Now that's the magic of Venice!
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Fish market
The market at Campo S. Margerita.   Apparently even nuns shop!
Market Market
Market Boy
While we were strolling the plaza, I spied this young boy playing with the water fountain.   Just as he decided to go for it, my camera got lucky and captured this shot.
Basket Boat market
The old fashioned way of lifting things
(look closely at the larger image)
A mobile market on the nearby canal
Flowers Oar locks
Flowers everywhere Oar locks
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*   Visible throughout Venice are signs of the Carnival, for which Venice is renowned.  Masks are especially plentiful and some are quite elaborate.

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Plaza Masks
Hats Masks
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