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* Just around the corner from the hotel was a neighborhood market.  We enjoyed going there and strolling around and looking at all the different fruits, vegetables, meats, and strange things we don't see at home.  Since Italians don't have huge refrigerators like Americans do, they shop daily for most of their needs.  It was fun to see this and be a part of it.

* About a block from the hotel was a small corner restaurant where we ended up eating a lot of our dinners; amidst crowds of (mostly younger) locals.  I'm pretty sure we never saw any other tourists in there, and we liked it that way.  Every meal we had there was utterly fantastic!

Street Street
Neighborhood Streets
Market Market
The neighborhood market, just around the corner from the hotel
Alien vegetables Vegetables
Alien vegetables Too pretty to eat
Swordfish Restaurant
It doesn't get much fresher Our favorite neighborhood restaurant, the Monte Carlo
Cars Restaurant
The neighborhood at night (check out how you can park when your car is square)

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