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* Hotel Kent was our home in Rome.  Situated in a quiet neighborhood in the Tiburtino section just outside the old city walls, we were able to experience the Rome that Romans enjoy.  We got to shop in local markets, eat in local restaurants, see the neighborhood "apartments", and get a different feel for the city than if we had stayed inside the Centro Storico.
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* Hotel Kent  
*  Our hotel was situated a few blocks outside of Porta Pia. 

* Porta Pia is a gate in the Aurelian Walls, named after Pope Pius IV.  The portal was constructed in the 1560's, and a new facade was completed in 1869.  The portal replaced the older Porta Nomentana.

Porta Pia Porta Pia
A statue dedicated to the Bersaglieri (Italian light infantrymen)
Porta Pia Ferrari
Porta Pia Rough neighborhood
Hotel Hotel
Hotel Kent (on the left, across from the museum of Modern Art)
* The hotel was a small charming hotel of roughly two dozen rooms.  The staff were friendly and treated us like family.  They also gave us wonderful suggestions of how to see the city, where to go, how to see the city, and so on.  It was great having an insider perspective on Rome.
Hotel Door Street
Hotel Kent Look closely at the little window in this armored door ...  in case you absolutely have to have some on Sunday The neighborhood

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