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*  In addition to (or perhaps despite) its millenia of antiquity and tradition, Rome is a bustling, vibrant city.  There are people on the streets day and night, hurrying to their destinations, carrying packages, eating food, and just generally enjoying themselves.

*  The entire seems a warren of tiny, interesting shops and some fascinating outdoor markets.  The markets are busier in the early morning (which, consequently, I never saw but only read about!) but even later in the day it was fun to see the odd things (mostly foods) and watch the people going about their business.

Pizza / Bakery Pizza / Bakery
World class, unforgettable pizza!
Cookies Candies
The only food available on Sundays
Sausages Pizza place
Salami shop Typical pizzeria
Salami Pasta
World's largest salami Pasta being prepared to become culinary art
Shop Butcher shop
Maybe they are concerned about vampires Meat and wine shop
Gelatto Bead shop
Try the pistachio Gelatto - it's calling your name And I always ends up in the bead shop

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