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*  The Seven Hills of Rome east of the river Tiber form the geographical heart of Rome, within the walls of the ancient city.

* Of the seven hills of current Rome, five (Aventine, Caelian, Esquiline, Quirinal and Viminal hills) are populated with monuments, buildings, and parks. The Capitoline now hosts the Municipality of Rome, and the Palatine Hill is an archaeological area.

* Life seems to speed up within the old central portion of the city (Centro Storico), and we did our best to see as much of it as possible during our short stay.  While some people would see the centuries of age and the graffiti, I saw the soft, muted colors, the architectural touches, the flowers and palm trees, and the character of the city. 

Rome Sign

Remus and Romulus and the she-wolf

LINKS:  (these open in a new window so you don't lose this site)
* Rome metro/bus information (all in Italian, but downloadable bus maps here in Le mappe del trasporto)
* Downloadable Central Rome bus map (quite good, actually - readable if zoomed on your computer)
* Official Metro site (English)
City View City View
Atop the Spanish Steps Tourist group below Quirinale hill
Ruins Ruins
Ruins near Teatro Argentina
Tram Bus

Tram near Teatro Argentina, a central transferring point

City bus
* Because underground Rome is laced with antiquities, the underground Metro system doesn't enter the central area.  Tunneling or digging would disrupt the many antiquities.  Consequently, city buses are the only real way to get around inside the city.  City bus maps are a little difficult to read, and I think there are hundreds of routes.  Despite the fact that everyone says you absolutely must buy a bus map to get around, we learned the few routes that went near (relatively speaking) the major attractions so we were able to get around just fine, although I can think of some times that a bus map would have made life a lot easier.  A couple limited trams run to the outlying areas.  We really appreciated our Roma passes for this, because buying individual tickets in Tabacs (small convenience store-like tobacco shops) was somewhat of a nuisance and we never had change for the few working ticket machines.
Street Statue Street
Atop Spanish Steps Entry foyer in a plain ordinary office building Corso

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