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* No trip to Rome would be complete without seeing some of the antiquities that abound there.  One could spend many days traversing Palatine Hill, the Roman Forum and the Colosseum, and Appia Antica.  Seeing the immense size of the buildings and sites, and remembering that most are essentially 2000 years old, gives credence to the phrase, "The Glory that was Rome".  It's hard to imagine who could even conceive of places on this scale, let alone build them in a very short time.
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* UNESCO World Heritage Site (Historic Rome) * UNESCO World Heritage Site (Villa Adriana)
Palatine Hill Forum & Colosseum
Click here for Palatine Hill Click here for the Forum and Colosseum
Hadrian's Villa Appia Antica
Click here for Hadrian's Villa Click here for Appia Antica

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