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Panoramic view of Murano
* Murano is a short ride from Venice via the water bus (vaporetto).  Basically it's a "suburb" of Venice.   It's a delightful place to spend the day, especially poring over the treasures in the glass shops.   Nearly everyone has heard of "Murano glass" and this is where it's made

.* Murano is definitely laid-back, even relative to Venice.  We went there twice; walked around, enjoyed the shops, had a great meal, and of course - bought a bunch of Murano glass beads and a fantastic piece of glass artwork.

* Enroute to Murano you pass Isola di San Michele, a former prison island less than five minutes away by waterbus.  San Michele has been Venice's cemetery since the early 1800s, when Napoleon's occupying forces told the Venetians to start hauling their dead across the water instead of burying them all over town.

Murano map

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* Interactive Murano map

* Murano travel information

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Cemetery entrance Arrival at Murano
Isola di San Michele cemetery Arrival at Murano, Colonna waterbus stop
Murano main canal Murano
Murano main canal Canals
Murano main canal Murano canals
Just like Venice, Murano is interlaced with canals.  There aren't any "streets" per se.
Murano canal and bell tower Canal-side shops
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