*  October 2007  -  We were all set to go to Yellowstone.  We had excruciatingly researched all the plans, itineraries, and logistics.  We had cleaned, organized, modified and updated all of our outdoor and hiking gear, snacks, boots, clothes, and so on.  We had meticulously laid out maps and routes.  I had my camera finely tuned and into championship fighting shape.  We had been packing for weeks -it was all finished.  We were set to leave the next day.  Then we looked at the weather forecast ...

* Ten days of 40 degree rain.   Argh!  What a dismal way to spend an outdoor vacation.

* After all those months of planning, we were determined to go somewhere on vacation.  We saw online that it was 80 degrees and sunny in Rome.  So, on the spur of the moment, we cancelled our Yellow-stone arrangements, booked plans for Italy, repacked for the new trip (left the old stuff to unpack later!), bought a guidebook enroute to the airport, and

  We went to Italy for two weeks!  

Rome Venice Italy map

Our Italian Adventure
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* We flew to Rome, where we spent about a week.  Then we took the train to Venice and spent another 5 (?) days, then back to Rome for our return flight home.  The weather was spectacular, the crowds were light, the food was stupendous, the sights were breath-taking, and the memories are entrancing.  And we came home with a couple thousand photos, which as everyone knows, is the true measure of a vacation! 

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* Lonely Planet Italy guidebook * Interactive Italy map from World Atlas
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Rome Venice
Rome Venice
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