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Diamond Head

We picked the hottest, sunniest day of the trip to hike into the Diamond Head crater.  I had run up the hill to the crater on several prior (triathlon) trips, but had never hiked the crater.  We started early in the morning in an effort to avoid the heat.  We hiked very fast, nearly trotting on the trail.  It wasn't as strenuous as people say it is, but there is one section with stairs that will kill your quads when you come down!

Sandals Sandals Sandals
Diamond Head Sign Hike sign Lighthouse
Unaware of what awaits Details on Army Corps of Engineers construction Diamond Head Lighthouse, viewed from the top of the crater
The hike The hike The hike
The trailhead into the crater The trail Stairs.  It's always stairs.
Chris The hike
Passing through the crater wall to the top Pretty pleased with myself ! Look carefully for people at the five o'clock position - they look like ants on the trail
View from Diamond Head Crater
Looking east, with Koko Head visible in the background
View from Diamond Head Crater
Looks like a dinosaur tail
Diamond Head Crater
Looking east into the crater
Waikiki, viewed from Diamond Head
Looking west at Waikiki Beach, with Kapiolani park ("Kap Park") in the foreground
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Sandal  images by Pat's