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We flew to Honolulu for a few days stay on Waikiki Beach.  We had a lovely room at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, overlooking Waikiki Beach from about the 34th floor.  

Oahu, Honolulu (the big city) and Waikiki (a section of the big city) are pretty heavily populated.  Traffic is heavy and frequently jammed.  But if you get out to the far north or south shore you can still find some of the tropical paradise for which Hawaii is renowned.

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Waikiki Coastal Drive North Shore Arizona Memorial Diamond Head Hanauma Bay Oahu Map (with clickable hot spots)

  Sandals Sandals  
  Waikiki Beach Waikiki  
  View of Waikiki Beach from our room
View of Waikiki from our room

Coastal Drive

Bright and early the first morning, we got up and started driving around exploring (of course, our bodies thought it was MUCH later than the clock said it was!)  We caught sunrise near the southern tip of the island, where we saw some surfers on long boards catching the early waves.

  Sandals Sandals  
  Sunrise Oahu Coastline

Oahu Coastline (south shore)

  Oahu coastline  
  Oahu coastline  
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Sandal  images by Pat's