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After a vigorous day on the Zipline, followed by kicking and finning while scuba diving, my ankle was pretty well worn out.  We decided that surfing should be benign on the ankle (more so than diving, which was the other choice) – and besides, I’ve always wanted to learn to surf.  So, I took off my orthopedic walking boot (a seemingly permanent fixture after the string of ankle surgeries) and went surfing.

Well, I forgot the advice to hold tightly to the board.  The wave snatched the board out of my hands, swung it around, and smashed it into my face.   I knew that my nose wasn’t supposed to be lying flat against my cheek, and the tide of blood was a pretty good clue that something was amiss.  But, I was there to surf, so I yanked my nose back to (roughly) where it belonged and paddled back to the instructor.  He tried to convince me to go lie on the beach.  I tried to convince him I was there to surf, and wasn’t about to be dissuaded by a mere broken nose (yep, that was Doc’s verdict after we returned!) 

His ominous portrayal of sharks on the prowl was enough to sway me to sit on the beach until I got the bleeding controlled.  I was able to go back “surfing” after a little while and had a really great time!  And I already had a big Portuguese honker of a schnoz before this, so what the heck …

Sandals Sandals Sandals
Lugging it Scoping it out Paddling
Lugging the thing to the beach Scoping out my wave Paddling out to catch the monster waves
Paddling Standing up Hangin' ten
You’re supposed to Butterfly paddle
Starting to get up – just a bit shaky here
Hangin’ … well, hangin’ something


It just wouldn't be a Hawaiian vacation without a traditional luau, would it?

Sandals Sandals Sandals
Musicians Uncovering the pig Uncovering the pig
Musicians Uncovering the roast pig Dinner!
Hula Hula Movie link

Click here for a short Hula movie  (620KB)

Hula dancers
Hula dancers

  The sunsets can be spectacular.   We went and sat in the sand at the beach next to our condo and just watched the sun set - drank wine and of course, ate snacks!

Sandals Sandals Sandals
Sunset Sunset Sunset
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Sandal  images by Pat's