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Haleakala Crater – (The House of the Sun)

The Haleakala Crater is the crater from the dormant volcano on the East side of the island and is the largest dormant volcano in the world. It is 10,023 feet above sea level and has a circumference of 21 miles. The Silversword Plant is native only to the Haleakala crater region.

The drive into the park and to the summit is respectably winding.  We drove through the clouds, with visibility of just a few hundred yards.  When we reached the summit it cleared briefly.  We had a great look-see, then it clouded over again and we drove out.


Sandals Sandals

Haleakala map


Elevation 10,023 feet. Awe-inspiring view at the summit of the volcano.

Sandals Sandals Sandals
Haleakala crater
View of the crater
Haleakala crater
Observatory Haleakala Crater Nene bird

University of Hawaii - High Altitude Observatory Site


Once extinct on Maui, the Nene were re-introduced in the 1960s and now number around 300 in the Park.

Zipline Tour

Skyline Eco Adventures, based on Haleakala Ranch

Imagine yourself soaring over gulches and through the trees along the slopes of one of the world's largest volcanoes. The Haleakala Skyline Tour blends a short hiking experience with five picturesque zipline crossings, an “Indiana Jones” style swinging bridge, as you zip along cables across progressively wider chasms with steeper drops. 

Here's how it works. You’re buckled into a harness, which is then attached to an overhead zipline. You'll walk to the edge of the crevice, take a couple of steps into thin air and before you know it you land on the other side.   This is a BLAST!!   This is the most fun I had on the trip!   Of course, it helps to be either fearless or stupid (no speculating as to which category I’m in, please).

They build up your confidence with progressively larger and steeper lines (read – faster).   The final drop gets you going more than 40 mph.    But when you start on the first one, they advise you to walk to the edge of the platform, carefully step off (emphasis on “step” off) and let gravity take over.

I volunteered to be first.  I went to edge of the platform, and ran and jumped off.

They yelled at me.  They told the others not to do it my way.  That’s why I went first!  I got the best chance to start things off right.   But by the time you get to the final platform, they tell you that you can run and jump off that one.   Some people did.  Some people didn’t.    I sure did!!    I would do that again in a heartbeat!

Sandals Sandals Sandals
Gearing up Through the forest Foot bridge
Gearing up Through the forest (in the rain) Foot bridge
Chris Chris Chris
Getting ready for my first "jump" Loving every minute of it!
Final drop off Chris Chris
The final drop off - look closely for the cable   Movie link

Click here for a short Zipline movie  (330KB)

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Sandal  images by Pat's