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Road to Hana

Beyond Hana, at the end of the official (paved road), is part of the Haleakala National Park, with the Pools of O'heo (also known as the Seven Sacred Pools).  It is a beautiful, although somewhat rigorous 4 mile hike - about 2 hours up the path to Waimoku Falls and about an hour and a half back down.   It was getting to be late afternoon when we arrived, but we figured that we would hike quickly and make it to the falls and back quickly.

It's not really fair to say that we would make it to "the" falls - because there are many magnificent falls along the way - but at the end of the trail, 300 foot Waimoku Falls is pretty spectacular. 

We were the last ones onto the trail, and we were definitely the last one off the trail.  It was dark on the trail due to the dense vegetation, and very spooky when we came out.  We were moving pretty fast to get out of there!

After all, one would hate to be rescued by Park Rangers while wearing only a Speedo and tank top!


Sandals Sandals Sandals
Chris Trail Trail
Entering the park Pipiwai trail
Makahiku Falls (184 feet) Falls Waimoku Falls
Makahiku Falls (184 feet)  
Falls Falls

Waimoku falls (289 feel tall)

Bamboo Bamboo Chris in the bamboo
A dense bamboo forest covers part of the hike.  It is nearly dark in there during the height of the afternoon, and the wind rattles the bamboo in a way that sounds eerie and spooky.   Coming back down from the falls it was completely dark in the bamboo forest.  It was creepy and we wished we had flashlights!


Getting Back

At this point, we have spent about 8 hours driving from Kaanapali to the end of the road beyond Hana.  And it is literally the end of the road.   The maps suggest that there is an “unpaved road” that continues around the south end of the island, but of course the rental car company insists that you will void their contract by taking their car out there.  However, faced with 8 hours of backtracking (starting at 6:00 or 7:00 at night), or adventuring through the “unpaved road” …  guess which one sounds more attractive?   After all, how bad can it really be?

It started off well enough.  The “road” wasn’t too bad and we could see where we were going.   All of a sudden, the “road” turned into hard-packed dirt and rocks with huge ruts and gulleys.   There was an occasional paved spot of a few hundred yards, just to get your hopes up that you had found civilization again, but it was a false hope.  

South end of Maui - Map
Shortly after we ventured out, it got dark.   Shortly after that, we saw a huge Brahma bull on the side of the “road”.  Apparently we angered him.  He decided to charge the car!!    We had a near miss with a ton of angry beef on the hoof, and nearly had to stop to change our underwear (oh no, wait – one of us was still wearing our hiking Speedo …)

And if that weren’t enough of an adventure …   The map strongly suggested that the unpaved road would connect with the back side of resort community of Makena – making just a short drive from there back to Kaanapali.  That was also a fantasy.   Those “roads” don’t connect.  We ended up in the center of the island at the base of Haleakala!  At 10:00 at night!   

 The following day we took a helicopter ride around much of the same terrain that we had driven the prior day.  We had spectacular views of the terrain and the vegetation and the waterfalls.   Come to think of it …  I didn’t see any roads down there!

Chris and helo
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Sandal  images by Pat's