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A drive on Mauiís beloved Hana Highway (also called "the road to Hana") offers an awe-inspiring display of natural beauty. This serpentine trek starts off in Paia, famous for its surfer-swept shores, and zigzags east along the coast for more than 50 miles, all the while embracing 600 hairpin curves, 54 one-lane bridges, and some of the islandís most spectacular sights.   It is easy to get car sick from the winding route, and I have it on pretty good authority that being the driver is a knuckle-biting experience, but itís a beautiful drive nonetheless.

Sandals Sandals Sandals
Road to Hana


The first stop is Paia, which bills itself as the windsurfing capital of the world. It's a colorful old plantation town with shops, restaurants, crafts guild, art galleries, and an operating sugar mill.

Paia sign

Windsurfers Wailua Falls
Windsurfers, seen from Ho'okipa Overlook.  These guys were really zipping along!
Falls Chris
Waterfall Hanawi Falls in the background
Falls Vines
Waikane Falls
Lush vegetation
Wailua Falls (100 feet)


One hundred and twenty acres boasting Maui's most famous black sand beach, fresh water caves, historical sites, blowholes. Hike along ancient Hawaiian coastal lava trail leading to Hana.  This is a gorgeous park at the end of what looks like a tiny residential street.

Sandals Sandals Sandals
Black sand beach
Black Sand Beach (at high tide!)
Lava Arch Coastline
Lava Arch Coastal view
Bay Chris Rabbit rocks
Protected Bay in the park Really feeling the lava through my shorts! Rabbit-shaped rock formation
(check out the ears)
Lava arch Coastline

Blow Hole
There is a spot in the lava where the ocean comes rushing in like a freight train.  The hole penetrates the lava into an empty space below.  When the ocean fills that space, it comes bursting through the hole like a geyser.  This is the blow hole.

ONE OF US was quite curious about what it looks like inside a blow hole.  Figuring that the waves had just rushed the hole, there might be time to get a quick look inside.  But when that freight train sounds, you know it's too late.

I would have paid serious money to photograph that while it happened!

Lava Arch

People who poke around in live blow holes should bring spare (dry) clothes or else they have to spend the rest of the day hiking around in their Speedo!

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