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The Crusaders passed through (and stayed in Bodrum), leaving a magnificent castle behind.  The castle houses a marine archaeology museum, as well as a potters workshop.



Castle of the Crusaders

Bodrum Harbor


Castle of the Crusaders in Bodrum, Turkey

View of the harbor of Bodrum, with Star Flyer anchored out.   Minaret is inside castle grounds in foreground.


Chris, Bridgette, Linda


Chris, Bridgette, and Linda

Bazaar in Bodrum
(everything was CHEAP!)
  Minaret Gun Port  

Minaret inside the castle walls

Looking at the Star Flyer from a gun port of the castle



Ephesus was the largest city of ancient times.   Approximately 500,000 people lived here 2000 years ago - half slaves and half free.  Ephesus was originally a port city; but years of silting and earthquakes have taken their toll.  Ephesus is now about 16 km inland.

  Chris at Ephesus Celsus Library  
  Chris at Ephesus Celsus Library - the most photographed spot on the site  
  Marble Ruins Linda & Chris  
  The marble ruins are well preserved

Linda & Chris

  Market Stadium  
  Side view of the market next to the Celsus Library 25,000 seat Stadium.    The stadium typically seated 10% of the (free) people at one time.  
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