The sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi extends over a series of terraces in the foothills of Mount Parnassos.  For many centuries this was the religious and spiritual center of the ancient Greek world.   According to tradition, Delphi was the geographical center of the world, the "navel", the meeting point of two eagles dispatched by Zeus from the ends of the universe to find the center of the world.

Mythology and History of the Oracle.  The cave where the divinity Gaia (Mother Earth) used to utter prophecies guarded by her son, the serpent Python, dates from the second millenium BC.  The area was controlled by Krisa, liberated in 590 BC, and came under control of the Romans in 191 BC, beginning its decline until eventually Delphi ceased to be regarded as the navel of the world.    An aerial view of the primary temple is shown below.  

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Delphi is about an hour and a half (?) drive outside of Athens through a very hilly, arid area blanketed by olive trees.

Treasury Hillside view

The Treasury

Hillside view

Chris Main Temple

Chris in front of some ruins

Sanctuary of Apollo

Theater Temple of Athena


Temple down the hill, with reconstructed columns, temple of Athena Pronaia

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