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Ile St. Louis was our home for the nine days we were in Paris.  Ile St. Louis is convenient to everything, but there is very little auto traffic so it is quaint and quiet and avoids the din that covers most of Paris.  We stayed at a charming little hotel - Hotel Saint-Louis, in what was probably the largest room in the hotel.  

Map of the Ile


Mom and Chris with ND in background Mom Rue St. Louis en Ile
Mom and Chris with Notre Dame in the background Mom with Notre Dame in the background Rue St-Louis-en-Ile in front of the hotel
Hotel St. Louis - Lobby Hotel dining room Our room
Hotel Saint-Louis Lobby Hotel dining room Our room


We quickly discovered the Patisserie across the street  (did you know that I speak menu in many, many languages?)   PASTRY!   Breakfast of Champions!  Now we're talking!   Isn't that what vacation is all about?




Mom in front of Boulangerie Saint-Louis Boulangerie (bakery)


  The breakfast room  
Cafe's on Ile St. Louis Chris at Cafe'
Collection of cafe's on the corner on Ile St. Louis Chris at the Cafe'


There was a small church down the street from the hotel.   The church of Saint-Louis-en-l'Ile (built 1664 - 1726), on Rue Ile St. Louis, on Ile St. Louis.   Hmmm, notice a trend?  Anyway, this may have been Momís favorite church.  It wasnít much on the outside, but it was gorgeous inside with a lovely Baroque interior Ė just your typical little neighborhood church.


Mom in front of the church Saint-Louis Inside Saint-Louis Flower market
Outside view of the church Gorgeous inside - not what you'd expect from a tiny neighborhood church Flower Market





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