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Our final stop on the tour was London.   After a harrowing experience in Barcelona airport, where Mom and I both thought one of us wasn't going to get on a plane, we arrived in London.

 Immediately impressed by the politeness of the natives (what a pleasant change from some of the places we had been), we caught the train into the city, took a cab to the hotel, and started on the final leg of our adventures.

Click on the pictures on the map and see some of the places we went. 

The Tube Tower of London Tower Bridge London Eye River Thames Parliament Big Ben Westminster Abbey Buckingham Palace Admiralty Arch Chinatown and the Theatre Picadilly Circus Harrods Hotel website Oxford Street Covent Garden London Map


Fabulous map from Panoramic Earth that shows pictures when you click on the map


Planetware maps and floor plans of attractions in London

The Tube

The London Underground was opened in 1863 and is the world's oldest. Sometimes called the tube, it is made up of 12 lines with 391km of track, 171km of which are underground. There are 270 stations.  The system serves about 750 million people yearly with a rolling stock of 4,139 cars. During peak hours in the central area trains run every two and a half minutes.  It’s a quick and convenient way to get around, avoid the surface traffic, and it goes just about everyplace!

In the stations, a polite voice makes periodic announcements to "Mind the Gap". 

By the way, if you see a sign that says “subway” – it’s just a pedestrian walkway that goes under the street!

Underground Map of London Underground
  Map of the London Underground, Central city area