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Cruise   CRUISE

Villefranche, Monaco, Monte Carlo

Florence, Pisa


Sorrento, Pompeii

(Thelma and Louise take Mom on a Cruise ...)

The Ship

Cruising away ...

The Ship

The Ship

On Saturday, Mom and I took a taxi (through the pouring rain) to the Cruise dock in Barcelona, where we planned to embark on Royal Caribbean's Splendour of the Seas.  The embarcation lounge wasn't crowded and they had cookies (yum ...) and drinks.  We thought we would meet up with Barb, who was scheduled to have arrived several hours earlier.   She wasn't there, so we assumed  that she was sitting on a bus at Barcelona airport waiting for other passengers to arrive.  Silly us!  The other passengers were sitting on a bus at Barcelona airport waiting for Barb to arrive - she had a several hour delay due to the bad weather.  Barb barely made it onto the ship before the scheduled departure time.

Day   Port Arrive Depart
1 Sat Barcelona    
2 Sun Marseilles, France Cancelled - At Sea
3 Mon Villefranche (Monaco, Monte Carlo) 7:00 am 10:00 pm
4 Tues Livorno (Florence, Pisa) 7:00 am 7:00 pm
5 Wed Civitavecchia (Rome) 7:00 am 7:00 pm
6 Thurs Naples (Sorrento, Pompeii) 7:00 am 7:00 pm
7 Fri At Sea    
8 Sat Barcelona 7:00 am Depart
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Barcelona Villefranche, Monaco, Monte Carlo Livorno, Florence, Pisa Rome Naples, Sorrento, Pompeii Route Map

Deck 07 plan

The ship
Our ship, Royal Caribbean's Splendour of the Seas - the red arrows show our cabin
(Does the ship generate its own electricity?)
Floor Plan of Balcony Room Room
Deck 07, our deck Floor Plan of our room, a "Balcony" Room Artist's photo of our room

At check in, we found out they had unilaterally "upgraded" our cabin to an outside balcony cabin.   Most people would consider this good news, but we didn't.   Barb had carefully selected the specific cabin by location, size, proximity to other things (i.e., nothing noisy), positioned for minimum rocking and rolling, etc.  And they had already given away our inside cabin to some people who had already arrived.   After a long ordeal of us being pig-headed, Mom and I decided to take the upgraded cabin and keep our fingers crossed that Barb wouldn't mind.  She didn't.  She had picked the other cabin location so Mom and I had less chance of getting seasick!

It was a lovely cabin with lots of room and an outside balcony and we absolutely loved it!   Funny how things work out.

Mom and Barb

The Dining Room Barb, Mom, and Chris

What time is the Midnight Buffet?

Barb and Mom
(How can we tell which pictures are ours?)
The main dining room Waiting for Cristian and 'Tonio to bring us gobs of good food and desserts

Barb and Chris

Barb and Chris Barb
Do these stairs go up or down? Hey, can I wear this under my shirt? Possibly the only time Barb got to use the bathroom in the cabin - I think she was in there checking whether the water in the toilets is salt or fresh ...


Barb Barb
Multiplicity ? I think I hear the casino calling my name ... Can you tell it was cold the first day at sea?

Meanwhile, my luggage didn't arrive.  And didn't arrive.  And didn't arrive ...    F i n a l l y , when it showed up, it had clearly been stored in a tub of water (possibly in the harbor), as everything in it was soaking wet.   I had to set about washing clothes by hand to get salt/water stains out of them.   Things were off to a little bit of a rocky start ...

So, after we had conducted our lifejacket and evacuation drill, and settled in for dinner, the Captain announced that due to the bad storm there were 40 foot waves off Marseilles - our first port stop.  Captain wisely decided to spend the night docked in Barcelona at the dock and skip Marseilles, so we spent the first day "at sea".  

We also spent the last day at sea, playing in the casino, eating all day, resting on the deck, and reliving our adventures!

Chris Sardinia Chris
Always tied to that Blackberry Passing Sardinia on the way home Aren't I cute?

Several evenings we watched the entertainment on the ship.   Some of it was pretty darn good and/or funny.   The Cruise Director, a very funny young man, listed the top ten stupid questions he gets asked by passengers (some of which you will find sprinkled throughout the site).  His parting comment on the final night was suggestions on how to prolong the cruise atmosphere:

  • Save the chocolate bedtime mints

  • Take home the towel sculptures

  • Put all your furniture in the closet and SLEEP IN THERE!

Dog towel Rabbit towel Elephant towel
Dog Rabbit Elephant
Nightly Towel sculptures by our cabin steward, Jose Kelly
Ship at night Ship at night Ship at night

The ship at night

Royal Caribbean Lines Where is the elevator to the front of the ship?