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Barcelona Cathedral

Barcelona Cathedral is the city's main place of worship and was constructed between 1298 and 1460. The main fašade was added in 1870, based upon a 1408 design.

The outside is largely obstructed by its surroundings, and aside from the spires, is unremarkable.  The Cloisters are open air, which seems interesting.  The inside of the Cathedral is spectacular; with dozens of massive, elaborate altars constructed and "sponsored" by individual patrons.

The Cathedral is strict about the dress code, and security guards were denying admittance to scantily clad women and men in shorts.  There were old local women selling very inexpensive shawls on the pavement outside - an expedient solution to meeting the dress code!

Cathedral Portal
Cathedral, from its main plaza Portal alongside Cathedral
Cathedral Reflections Gargoyle
The Cathedral in the distance See the gargoyle and spire reflections Hmmmm ...
Mom Cathedral Spire Cloisters
Mom at the Canon's House
(part of the Cathedral complex)
Cathedral Spire from Cloisters Cloisters
Cloisters Fountain Ducks
Cloisters Fountain in the Cloisters Inhabitants
Inside the Cathedral Inside the Cathedral Mom
Inside the Cathedral Inside the Cathedral Mom, sitting in the Cloisters
Altar Altar detail Altar decorations
Altar, to the periphery of the Cloisters Detail of same altar Elaborate Altar decorations