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    The license plates sum up Bonaire ...  "Diver's Paradise".   The diving is good, and some of the best diving is right off the beach of our hotel.  The wildlife was diverse and some of it was fairly tame.

Swimming tarpon
Swimming tarpon

    Tarpon love me!   They think I'm the "alpha Tarpon".   When I get into the water, they come out to play with me.   On one night dive, a huge tarpon got right underneath me, snuggled right up against me (probably drafting off me, that lazy sucker!), and swam with us for about 30 minutes.  I'm sure he was using the light of my big flashlight for hunting.  Every now and then he would go off briefly to eat something, then get back into formation with me, right up underneath and below me.

Reef view, showing various sponges and corals
Yellowtail Snapper Chris
School of Yellowtail Snapper Chris
Trumpet Fish Trumpet Fish
Trumpet Fish Trumpet Fish
Spotted Trunkfish
  Spotten Trunkfish (possibly juvenile)


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