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   Washingon Slagbaai National Park

Washington Slagbaai was the first Natural Sanctuary in the Netherlands Antilles. It covers almost 25% of the area on the northern part of the island and is home to many species of flora and fauna that make Bonaire an environmental paradise.  

We drove up to the park one day.  We had intended to take the longer route through the park, but since it had rained heavily the night before, some of the route was closed and we were forced to take the shorter route.  Although initially disappointed, after several hours on the bumpiest, most rutted dirt road either of us had ever seen, we were glad that we had been forced into the shorter route. 

Which was a good thing ... because as it turns out, part of the road going to the park is one way, and we had to make a big circle around the northern end of Bonaire to get back to the hotel.

Park map


      Park's official website 

Chris Park road
Entering the park Park road
Lake Flamingos
A lake in the park (Salina Matjis) Flamingos
Chris Flamingos Flamingo
Flamingos Flamingos Flamingos
Hunting flamingos again
Chris Lizard
Now stalking lizards The quarry
Lizard Green lizard
Green lizard
Brilliant emerald green lizard
Lizard Coastline
Lizard The west coast, near Boka Slagbaai
Fish Fish
Fish at the bottom of the cliffs, in about a foot or so of water
Sunset Sunset
Harbor Harbor
Kralendijk after dark



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Modified:  06/27/2009