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    At the south end of the island are salt pans, where salt is harvested through evaporation.  A huge conveyor brings the salt across the road into the sea, where it is loaded onto salt transport ships.

   There are some rocky "beaches" at that end.  The wind was perfect and there were several kite surfers out enjoying the day.
Salt Pans Salt Loader
Salt piles and the loading conveyor that loads the ships The salt ships pull up right off the beach
Kite Surfer Kite Surfer
Kite Surfers
I wanted to try this, but I'm not sure my nose could stand the potential trauma !
Kite Surfer Lighthouse
Kite Surfers Lighthouse (with slave huts in foreground)
Stalking flamingos
Flamingos Flamingos
Flamingos Flamingos
Flamingos Flamingo
We found a fairly large flock of flamingos in the salt pans at the sound end of the island.
Sunset Sunset
Sunset over the salt pans

   As you approach the northern end of the island, it becomes apparent how rocky and arid Bonaire is.   We saw a lot of cacti and scrubby desert plants.

Scenic drive Scenic drive
Scenic drive.  Notice how rocky and arid Bonaire is - lots of cacti as well



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Modified:  07/13/2007