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    We had the bug to go diving in the tropics during the Christmas holidays.  Continental Airlines was inaugurating service from Houston to Bonaire, so we booked our flights and went  (amazing what free mileage tickets will induce you to do!)  It was about a 6 hour ”overnight” flight from Houston, so we arrived a bit tired (and maybe just a little cranky), ready to begin our adventure.

    Bonaire is just a 116 square mile rock that juts out of the Caribbean about 60 miles north of Venezuela.  It is part of the “ABC” islands – Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao.  

   Bonaire is part of the Netherlands Antilles and like the other islands in the group, was granted full internal-affairs autonomy in 1954, however, the Netherlands is still responsible for its defense.  It has a population of 18,000 - nearly half of whom live in the capital city of Kralendijk.

    We enjoyed the tiny little downtown Kralendijk area.   There is a pretty expansive national park on the island, but otherwise there isn’t much to do on Bonaire except dive. There aren’t any meaningful beaches on Bonaire.  The coastline is all rocks – but that’s one reason the diving is so good.   The water is clear because there is no sand to make the water murky.      

    Santa gave me a fantastic, professional digital camera while we were sitting in the airport in Houston, so here are the inaugural photos.


Aruba Curacao Bonaire Caribbean map
Bonaire Map

Bonaire website

Aerial view Airport
Aerial View of Kralendijk, Bonaire Flamingo Airport
Lizard Lips Airport plants
Lizard Lips Huge plants at the airport
Orange Flower Hotel
Unknown orange flower (tree) Hotel
Hotel Ocean View Hotel
Hotel Cliffs at the hotel Hotel Grounds
Hotel Balcony View
Paths on the hotel grounds View from our room's balcony
Hotel Dock Hotel
Hotel Dock Hotel restaurant, from hotel dock
Flower Flower Detail
Unusual flower Flower detail
Hotel Cats Tree Lizard
Hotel Cats Palm Tree Lizard


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Modified:  07/13/2007