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The town of Oranjestad is extremely picturesque with its Dutch colonial architecture in pastel colors.  The town is named after the Dutch royal house of Oranje, and has been the island's capital since 1797.   Oranjestad attracts more shoppers than sightseers. There are many malls with boutiques and shops in Oranjestad; downtown and Seaport Village are the major shopping areas.

Quaint Dutch architecture in pastel colors
Oranjestad Gingerbread architecture
Harbor Chris
Recreational harbor in Oranjestad

Along the Oranjestad waterfront are some small gardens and walks.  They were littered with lizards everywhere.  It was common to see six or more lizards of various sizes scurrying across the sidewalk - or sometimes just basking there in the sun.  Aruba claims that half of the species of lizard known to man reside exclusively on the island.

Walkway Chris Lizard
Lizard hunting
Lizard Lizard
Lizard Lizard
Lizard Iguana
Lizards and iguanas !



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