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Exit Glacier  
* Nearly into Seward, we came to the Exit Glacier.  Exit Glacier is in the Kenai Fjords National Park, on the Kenai Peninsula in Southcentral Alaska.  Exit Glacier is the only part of the park that is accessible by road. 

* Kenai Fjords is a 650,000-acre park. It includes the 300-square-mile Harding Icefield, source of the glaciers that carved the fjords and provide some of the park's most impressive sights.  It has several tidewater glaciers that can be viewed from tour boats that depart from Seward.  Exit Glacier, which is an inland (i.e., hanging) glacier, can be approached on trails all the way to the point of touching the glacier.

* Exit Glacier is 4 miles long.  It is so named because it is the location of the "exit" of the first recorded party to cross the Harding Ice Field in 1968..

* When we arrived at Exit Glacier it was still raining, but not real hard at that moment.  We were both already wet, so we decided - what the heck!  We would just get out, take our chances, and hike to the glacier (knowing that the weather the following day wasn't predicted to improve).

* We hiked the main trail to the Overlook Loop Trail in order to get next to the glacier.

* It rained lightly during the entire hike, but we were still very glad we made that choice.   The weather was even worse the following day!

Trail map
* Kenai Fjords National Park
* Exit Glacier
. .
Kenai Fjords Sign Park Visitor Center
Welcome to Kenai Fjords National Park
Trail Glacier
First views of Exit Glacier
Forest Forest
The forest looked unlike any others we had seen in Alaska (except for that consistent rain bit)
. .
. . .
Glacial pool Mom Glacier
The chalky blue water is an unambiguous sign of glacial melt
. . .
. .
Glacier Glacier
The person gives an idea of both scale, and proximity to the glacier
Mom and Chris Chris
Glacier Glacier
Glacier Glacier
Returning to the base
Glacial melt

Fast running glacial melt

Glacial melt
Glacier ice Trail
Glacier ice Glacier melt
Trail Road
Outwash Trail
(the white ghosts are actually wearing rain ponchos)
Leaving the park
. .

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