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Auke Bay  
*  One (unsuccessful) goal for the trip was to get some photos of bald eagles.  I wouldn't say that they are as common as ravens in SE Alaska, but we probably saw a couple dozen on our trip.  All of those sneaky devils knew just when and where I would NOT have my camera.  So, having heard a rumor that we could see eagles at Auke Lake, we took the short drive out there.

*  We didn't see a single eagle.  But the scenery was spectacular!

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Scenic view
Dandelion Glacier
Check out the size of this!  They look pretty along the highway because they make a carpet of brilliant gold. The glacier is visible across this meadow
River Auke Lake
Fast moving river Auke Lake
Auke Lake River
Auke Lake Glacier is still visible ...
Auke Bay Auke Bay
Auke Bay
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