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Mendenhall Glacier    Continued  
*  Glaciers are formed when the annual snow accumulation exceeds the annual snow reduction from melt-off, sublimation, etc.  Over the centuries, the weight of the snow compresses into blue ice.  It is so dense that all colors of light are absorbed by the glacier and only the blue light can escape to be reflected back.

*  Mendenhall is part of the Juneau Icefield, which is a massive accumulation of ice and snow covering over 1,500 square miles.  Scientists estimate the icefield's snow and ice depth to be from 800 to over 4,500 feet.  Juneau Icefield is the fifth largest icefield in the Western Hemisphere, spawning over 40 major and 100 minor glaciers.  Mendenhall is the most easily accessible - known as the "drive-up glacier".

*  Mendenhall Lake is about 200 feet deep, and water temperatures in average 37 degrees Fahrenheit year-round.  Not a good place to swim at any time of the year!

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Pussy Willow Glacier
Spring Pussy Willow Glacier
Glacier Mom
Glacier Mom, looking cute
Iceberg Glacier close-up
Seagull protecting his iceberg Deep blue of the glacier
Mom Iceberg
Mom tests her climbing skills to get to the waterfall Iceberg - like a blue gem
Glacier and waterfall Waterfall
A thundering waterfall next to the glacier.  Notice the size of the people.
Lupine Chris
Yes Virginia, there are bluebonnets in Alaska
(but they're called Lupines)
Leaving the park for another adventure
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