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Mendenhall Glacier  
*  Our first expedition was to the Mendenhall Glacier.  Just a few miles from the airport, it’s easily accessible.  The weather forecast for all of SE Alaska was for extended rain; since it wasn’t actually raining (yet) when we arrived, we rushed out there right after we arrived.  You can probably tell from the coats that Juneau in June can still be a little chilly.

*  There are interesting blue icebergs in the lake, some easy hiking trails, and a thunderous waterfall right at the foot of the glacier.  Mom and I “hiked” around so I could position myself for photos.  This involved crossing several shallow (few inches deep) “streams” caused by glacier and snow melt.  Mom didn’t have on her hiking shoes, and on the last stream crossing, her sneakers became “ankle waders”.   I had the good sense not to laugh at her!

*  We actually made two trips to the glacier.  When we returned from Glacier Bay, we had a (rare) clear day.   We hopped out of bed in the morning (well, that’s relative I guess), opted to not invest time in eating breakfast, and rushed out to revisit the Mendenhall Glacier and some other sights.

*   Official Mendenhall Glacier Visitor's Center+ *   Alaska Natural History Mendenhall website
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Glacier Sign Trail Map
Entering the park Extensive trails
Mom Glacier
Enjoying the view The glacier is quite blue
Glacier Glacier
Mom Mom
Mom on a stream crossing - note the cheering section
Beaver dam Iceberg
Beaver dam "Iceberg"
Lichen Plants
Interesting Lichens and plants
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