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Glacier Bay


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Cruise    Continued

* Every ranger talk starts with bear safety and moose safety.  It gets to be something you can recite in your sleep.   I guess they take it pretty seriously.

* We saw lots of wildlife on our tour, although always from a distance.

* And the thing that I expected least - starfish! (right side photo).  These are about 12" - 18" across.

Star fish

. .
Sea Otter Puffin
Sea otter, holding her baby on her chest
They hold their paws out of the water to keep them warm.
Shoreline Black Bear
Near Muir point Black Bear
Bear Bear
Brown bear?
Kayaks Bald Eagle
Kayakers  (I'll bet they're cold!) Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle Puffin
Bald Eagle Puffin
Mountain Goat Mountain Goat
Mountain Goat
Mountains Wake
Calm waters Slowly sneaking up on the wildlife?
Mom Ripples
Enjoying a cup of hot soup
(probably our best meal in Glacier Bay -
certainly the hottest!)
Gentle ripples
. .

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