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* Glacier Bay opens to the north off Icy Strait and branches for over 60 miles through increasingly deforested mountains to terminate in bare rock and glacial ice. The heart of the present Park, Glacier Bay was hidden under a vast ice sheet when the earliest Europeans paused briefly to chart the adjacent waters in the late 18th century.

* The bay is bordered by the Fairweather mountain range.  The Fairweather range is one of the tallest coastal mountain ranges in the world. The highest peak in the range is Mt. Fairweather, which is 15,320 feet tall.

* Our only complete day at Glacier Bay was spent on an all-day glacier (boat) tour.  The weather started out promising but quickly deteriorated - you'll see evidence of that in the photos.

Map of Cruise
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Ship Bartlett Cove
Glacier Bay Tours Bartlett Cove (where the lodge is located)
the 30 foot diurnal tide is one of the highest in North America
Chris Mom
Chris - optimistic at thebeginning about the weather Mom
Mom Mom's outfit

*  This is how we ended the day ...  and what we were wearing to prepare for it.  I think Mom's suitcase was empty ... she was wearing everything she had brought on the trip.

Chris Chris' gear
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South Marble Island South Marble Island
South Marble Island Look closely at the "specks"
Sea Lions Sea Lions
Lots of Stellar Sea Lions Sea Lion sentries
Sea Lions Sea Lions
More Sea Lions and birds, too ...
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