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* The lodge area is temperate rain forest roughly 70 years old, primarily sitka spruce and hemlock.  Bartlett Cove receives about 70 inches of precipitation annually (which doesn't sound like much, but remember - it doesn't rain in the winter!)  Believe me, the forest is literally dripping with moisture. 

* One of the largest and most pristine temperate rain forests in the world is found against a backdrop of snow and ice. More than one-fourth of the world's coastal temperate rain forests occurs in the North Pacific coastal forests of southeast Alaska, in the Tongass National Forest, Chugach National Forest, and Glacier Bay National Park.

Glacier Bay Postcard
* We took an interesting Ranger-led hike through the forest (in the pouring rain).   Then we had to sit by the fireplace for hours to dry out  / warm up!
. .
Chris Boardwalk
Glacier Bay in June Boardwalk in the temperate rain forest
. .
* I like to photograph the plants up close and personal ...
. . .
Forest Petroglyph Moss
Hemlock and spruce forest Tlingit sylvan eagle petroglyph (wood carvings on trees) Moss in the forest
Shelf Fungus Shelf Fungus Plant
Shelf fungus Shelf fungus Unknown plant
. . .
* Ranger walk through the forest and bog ...  doesn't drain ...   springy and squishy ...
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Mom and Chris Bog
A delightful walk in a WeatherproofTM jacket A bog
Forest Stump
Rain Forest Fairytale creatures may live here
Salmonberry Blueberries
Salmonberry Early bells that turn into blueberries
Devil's Claw Red Squirrel Plants
Devil's Claw Tlingit Eagle Totem ??
Mom and Chris Boardwalk
Tlingit Octopus petroglyph Out for a stroll
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